We got the wasp!

Today’s blog is going to be short and quick. At work today, we all dressed up in dress shirts because the big president was coming in to visit. We also joke a lot about when he lets us go early during the holdays. His name is Bob Lake, but since i’m an engineer I have to charge everything to a job. So we were once joking about where should we charge the 2 hours to when Bob Lake tells us to take off early? So the other engineers and I came up with “we should charge it to Bob Lake Holiday”. Now whenever we do things related to Bob Lake we made up phrases, so today was “Bob Lake Dress Up Day” . =)

In small group today at church, we were having a good small group discussion until we saw a wasp in the room. At first it was just flying up high, and one of my friends was a little more scared of it than the rest of us (he kept on looking up at it). Somehow while one of us was sharing, the wasp sudden fell, where did it land? Right behind my friend that was the most scared of it. So Ben sitting next to me, gets up and finds a giant roll of paper (one of us thought he was more likely to blow the wasp away than to hit it with that much paper), and has the other guy slowly move forward, then Ben crushes that wasp with the paper. We didn’t even pick up the wasp after we killed it, just left it there on the carpet and continued the small group sharing. Eventually we picked it up after we were done praying, but we rocked that baby.

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