Beer Whisperer Flashed me at work

So at work on tuesday it is usually Hopyard, happy hour day. I go with my co-workers to have a few beers, it is very therapeutic for one of my engineering co-worker. However to get to happy hour we have to go through the day. Which is where the bulk of all the interesting that happens at work occurs.

Best thing about tuesday is how my co-worker wears his special beer shirts. I actually had my beer shirt on today too. So the admin lady was walking to our side of the office, and she was looking in my direction. However I was turned facing my co-worker, and lifting up my polo shirt, so it looked liek I was flashing my co-worker. She looks at me and gives me a weird stare, then i go “i’m just showing him my shirt” and turned around to reveal the shirt that says “drinking buddy”. Then my co-worker lifts up his polo to reveal his “beer whisperer” t-shirt.

I am one lucky son of a gun at work, thank goodness I pray for all my projects because my work ends up with usually just minor problems. Somehow the project manager in Westlake Village, CA (near LA) did not tell me that a certain part was being installed in the panel. So I get a call from the project manager going “you forgot a part in the panel”. It takes me a couple minutes to figure out what he was talking about. They had named one of the parts on the list with a different name, and had old me that only this manufacturer part was going in the panel. So I asked the part differently, so it made me think it was a different part that was in the field. And I always just have enough space.

Stuff like this makes me think of that thing i read one

The Engineer and The Manager

A man is flying in a hot air balloon and realizes he is lost. He reduces height and spots a man down below. He lowers the balloon further and shouts: “Excuse me, can you help me? I promised my friend I would meet him half an hour ago, but I don’t know where I am.”

The man below says: “Yes. You are in a hot air balloon, hovering approximately 30 feet above this field. You are between 40 and 42 degrees N. latitude, and between 58 and 60 degrees W. longitude.”

“You must be an engineer,” says the balloonist.

“I am,” replies the man. “How did you know.”

“Well,” says the balloonist, “everything you have told me is technically correct, but I have no idea what to make of your information, and the fact is I am still lost.”

The man below says “You must be a manager.”

“I am,” replies the balloonist, “but how did you know?”

“Well,” says the man, “you don’t know where you are, or where you are going. You have made a promise which you have no idea how to keep, and you expect me to solve your problem. The fact is you are in the exact same position you were in before we met, but now it is somehow my fault.”


Finally, I did drink two half and halfs of guiness today. So I do have at least 1 extra guiness glasses if anyone wants them. It is free and looks really cool.

Anjroo – I signed for a package at UPS with that phonetic spelling of my name courtesy of my cousin.

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