If I go to sleep earlier, I would have the energy right now at 4:30 to stay awake. But I don’t. So I was working earlier today and I was typing and putting pictures together for a presentation that Seyed has to present. Since I’m fading in and out, I’m putting stuff in, and typing with my eyes closed or something. So everything is going fine and then I close my eyes and look up and I see that some new page has opened onto word. And since I’m in a very relaxed mood, I go oh, where did my work go? And then I go save and close it, and my work is underneath it.

I thought they put my name into the telephone system. I was looking at the phone today and a call was coming in. And it said A. Wong, and I was thinking, it must be for me because it has my name and initials. So then I pick it up, and its from the accounting lady Arlene Wong. So they didn’t put my name into the system.

Because of me, I think our litle fort (engineering department) will start having some random things in this building. I think the people in my building would make a great “the office” show. Its like a family with a lot of arguing. Ben had a funny story. One lady in accounting was mean to him and kept on pestering him to fix something and he just went crazy and kicked a garbage can in our office and just destroyed it. Ever since then, that lady has been nice to him.

And I wish I didn’t eat so much food for lunch. I went over to the mexican/pervuian place and had a soft taco and burrito. Boy I was full after eating the chips and soft taco. Then I just stuffed down that burrito. So I think I’m full until tomorrow morning.

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