when I grow old

Its a good thing that I have a map in my car, because I had to go to Wesley’s house today. And I always get lost going to my cousin’s house because there are no recognizable landmarks to me. All i see are houses, and a lot of turns and move arounds.

I got to Wesley’s house, and I forgot that he opens his garage door when you ring his doorbell. So I was standing in front of his door waiting for him to open his door. Then I remember and walk to his garage. They have a 2 dogs now. And the one called ducky is big and likes attention a lot. And that dog kept on trying to put its paws on me, so it kept on accidentally hitting me in the command center. It Zidane me too, but not as hard.

I was talking to the retired guy who works twice a week. And he was telling me how he has some kind of hand disease, and he showed it to me. Dupuytren’s Contracture, he has and it looks like his hand his nerves are pinching in his palm.

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