I hate finding out bad news, but they are part of life. I feel sorry for my friend. That’s all I’ll say about that. =(

I also found out when I am my crankiest. When I’m tired and washing the dishes at 11:50pm, I am cranky. You can kind of tell I’m angry, but I still have enough self-control to hold myself, but I drop hints. Or, maybe what makes me mad is when my sister says “stop being mad”, when I’m trying not to be mad, because that makes me mad.

I found out that Marc’s birthday was july 7, so I decided to get him a birthday present. So I open up my deck of baseball cards and find a dodger card, and sent him the 15 cents card. I was also sending him a check for some stuff I owe him also.

There are a lot of stressed out guys at my job. Talking to those guys, it seems that a lot of the frustation occurs because our boss is not much of a leader and gets *whipped* by everyone. So everyone below him has to do stuff because he doesn’t get it done. When I become a boss, I will make sure I’m not like my boss, and do things so weird. Because all the engineers tell me, “you will never work at a place that does thing so weird and different like Oro Loma”.

I was helping Bennett fix his computer, because there it was corrupted with viruses and spyware. So much stuff that the computer ran at almost a 3rd of its speed. And every second the antivirus kept on saying “blocking this adware program”. Speaking of fixing stuff, for some reason people think that Oro Loma has a motorhome dropoff stop.

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