What I was like a Kid

Happy Chinese New Years,

So I had dinner with my mom’s side tonight, there are around 20 of us. In such a coincidence, my dad’s cousins happened to be eating at the same restaurant too!

But from eating with my relatives, I now know where I get some of my mannerisms. We were all standing around in clusters around the tables talking to each other. It was like we were in a bar, just walking around talking. Then when the food arrived, that was when we all went to sit down and eat.

Then my auntie told me two funny stories about me as a kid. I was a really good kid, so when I was 3, my aunties (they were 25 at that time) would love to take me to the shopping mall. They bought me one balloon, and I was so happy for the rest of the day. How good of a kid was I? My auntie’s said I would just sit down, no crying/fussing, and not even run around when they had me sit so they could go into the changing room.

But the story goes that they were taking me to a restaurant, and in the restaurant they gave some type of dark rye bread, so it looked like black bread. When my aunt opened up the bread, I started to cry and scream out of the blue. Then my auntie’s closed the napkin and I stopped crying, and everything was fine and dandy. My auntie’s thought to themselves “did Andrew just cry because of the break?” So they tested it out again, and I started to cry and scream. My auntie’s closed it up and were really sad because they wanted to eat that bread.

Then there was this other story where as a 3 year old, I think I had a cut on my finger, which made me very irritated. My auntie’s friend wanted to cheer me up, and she called me the same name as my auntie’s did, and I guess I punched her in the nose. Winking smile

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