Golfing day

Today, my manager comes up to me right before lunch and says “wow, its going to be 70degrees today, we should go to the driving range”. So my two other co-workers pull out their clubs and we started walking to the driving range. In my office, my co-worker has his bag of clubs under his desk, I have mine under my desk. We have clubs but we have never even played on the greens, only the driving range. Then there is our 3rd co-worker who only has 3 clubs that he puts under his desk. I get out my white golfing glove (Not sequein like the Michael Jackson Glove)

We go to the pleasanton golf center to drive. Its a pretty nice place, not too busy and really close.  That was the 2 clubs I chose to use, a #7, #9. With my action glove.
Once we get somewhat good, we want to play on the small 9 hole pleasanton golf course which is in the middle of a race horse track.

I am waiting for some time after the PE test (which i should be studying right now, but I ended up writing in my blog) so I can start reading up on some of the new card tricks I recieved.

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