weird feeling today

Still a little off on my sleep schedule. Been sleeping pretty late, so I’m coming home after work exhausted. Came home made some rice and cooked some food before I just went to have a nap.

I had one of those weird sleeps where I think I was tossing and turning around (which I usually don’t do). But I woke up with my right forearm arm extremely numb, and me feeling really groggy and slow. Since I’m not really sure how to wake my body up, I wanted to check to see what it feels like getting hit my a numb part of my body. So I make a throw motion with my right shoulder and biceps up and down and see if can hit my own face with my forearm. =) It hits my face and I go, “hmm, this is a weird sensation. like someone else’s arm is touching my face” Then I just go and lay back down and wait for the rest of my body to not be numb.


I didn’t have any pictures today, unless you just want to see a picture of a toaster strudle w/ a twix, which was my awesome afternoon snack in the office.

However the above character is the cartoony fly i drew in class all the time. I think I drew him ever since 2004, but I think I might make a little animation for the retreat game and this fly will make an appearance. Best part was that I got to use my wacom tablet to draw it. I don’t think i’ve use the pen and tablet thing in 1 year at least, in college I convinced myself to buy one because I use to draw with the mouse. Wow, it was a pain in the butt, and I only got it to work because I would zoom in so close. Then using a tablet I can bust something out in 1 minute essentially. Like the fly. =)

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