Funny story of the day with help from my sister

I’ll start off my blog with a picture, because people always like pictures. =)


That is my sister and I. I’m the chubby boy in the lumberjack gear. Hahaha, I guess i never grew up into that big/scruffy of a boy. My sister who is around 15 months younger than me. That should be enough background to get the story for today going.


Today is my parents 31st anniversary, my sister bought a card home for her and I to sign. My sister didn’t really want to write anything so had me write for the both of us. She gives me the card, I pick up a pen and i’m about to write. Before I put my pen onto the card, my sister grabs my right hand wrist and says “Okay Andrew, tell me what you are going to write, because you don’t have to write ‘thank you for being a great mom, dad’, this is not a birthday, mother’s day, father’s day, or Christmas card”. Then she lets go of my hand and I write some nice things and congratulate them on 31 years of marriage.
By the way, what my sister told me not to write, was exactly some of the same words I wanted to write. =).
My sister knows me too well. It is so funny because she can almost predict all the time what I might think about an item or person after seeing me interact with it for a maybe 5 seconds. She picks up all my subtle cues, and big cues.
Like how I bite down on my lower lip when I am angry or am getting pissed off (what another person might see is my mouth closed, but my lower lip seems to almost diappear). I do that because it keeps me from speaking back really fast, and gives me time to think about what I want to say without just blurting out something that might really blow it. My sister always picks up on this instantly. Sometimes even before I’m about to do it.

That is my update for the day.

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