Do I like running in puddles?

When do I like running around in puddles? When I am playing sports like tackle football, then it is really fun just running around and sliding. Especially when you tackle someone, it turns into a slip and slide.


However today it was pouring right at lunch time. So I go to the burrito shop to buy a burrito, my umbrella gets flipped inside out and rain is gushing into my face. Then I stepped in a puddle of water, since i’m already wet, i am doing this Hop/tippy toe steps on pavement to decrease more water getting into my shoe. Thank goodness the office is warm and dry, I did have to change socks when i was in the office.


And at work today, my co-workers and I were looking at some links we found on facebook. Like the cereal wedding cake, I printed out that picture and hung it on my “I love me” wall (aka the bullentin board behind my computer). That was how I survived work today, by looking at that

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