Wedding Day–Dorcas and Daniel Edition

Today was the wedding day for Daniel and Dorcas, and the weirdest thing is that I didn’t get a picture of them. Smile Hahhaha, so narcisstic of me, or I think the other reason was because I read once on my friends photography page how annoying it is to see pictures of the wedding, but in the background everyone is holding a camera and not looking at the happy couple.

So here is pictures of other people.


Alan and Chosen. The church is really pretty.


I like the flower stand with the flower petals on top of it. Gave it a very simple, but nice look.



There was a good 4 hour  space between the wedding and reception. So to pass the time, we all ended up at some carribean restaurant, drank and ate to our merriment. It was really awesome, we were all super loud, and made the place happening.

IMAG1612y Random Car shots, the AAA shot, Andrew Andrew and Alan. IMAG1614

Big GrinnnnnnIMAG1613 , IMAG1616

To make it fun for them, each table had different info about the couple. So you had to go to all the tables to meet people to get the answers. Smile And Chosen was the MC, and he even gave out money to make it more competitive.


I got the fish, which was really good. All my friends who got filet migon, most of theirs were dry. That is why I chose fish, because for most mass produced food, you have to put it in the warmer. So usually the meat comes in medium, but will dry out by then. While fish usually doesn’t dry out while sitting in the warmer.

Do I like weddings? Sometimes, this one wasn’t as fun because I got put on a table with couples, and no singles. I want to sit on a singles table.!!!!! There was a table next to me that was all girls, and one guy(he was the fiance of one of the bridesmaid). Smile Lucky guy.

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