We have a bar a pull up bar in our hallway. But because the bar bends a little under our weight, I’m nervous about hanging on it with my legs. And my roommates and I have been trying to get Tom to do one pull up. he still hasn’t been able to do one yet. So we are trying to figure out how to help him so he can eventually do one. Currently, we think its impossible for him to do a pull up because he barely moves.

So I try to tell him to do the jumping method, where you grab the bar and jump up so you have some momentum going up.

I was watching some of the olympic’s highlights, yesterday with Marc. Some of the opening ceremonies were really interesting. Then we watched arrested development, the last 4 episodes. And those last 4 episodes were hilarious. I couldn’t help but laugh. For the speakers, I”m going to be working with evan and we are going ot make the “wicked one” subwoofer(wo32). And he bought the plans on monday (priority), and because of those shootings in the Goleta post office, the mail have been really slow.

I didn’t feel like doing anything on friday, so I was sitting in the UU with Kenny. And I used up 2 hours drawing pictures. I drew a penguin. They look like a bowling pin, with a beak, and a blade for an arm, and tail. and a circle for the stomach.

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