random update

This is going to be the random update with random things.

My friend Chris takes me to church on sundays, and he buys those costco energy bars (that look like square shaped bagels). Then after church, I see it in the car, and he tells me he likes to leave it in the car so it gets kind of cooked and soft. Then he eats it.

My freshman roommate Brian is the pickiest eater. He won’t try anything new, he won’t come close to vegetables. I think his diet consists of mac and cheese, red meat, grilled cheese, hot dog and pizza. That’s all i have ever seen him eat. And if you look in our fridge, you see 3 pakages of bread, and 3 hot dog buns.

My roommate marc has long arms, but has short legs, so he’s not as tall. But his armspan is 8-9 inches longer then mine, even though we are about the same size.

The internet makes building things so much easier. Gary put me in charge of making the AACF booth for open house. So I’m online looking at the prices of wood, and sizes. It’s going to be interesting with it will look like. I’m thinking of making it portable, so we can fit it in his car. So it will be foldable.

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