I smell like resin

or something like that. I was sitting in the phototool room working on my circuit board. What sucks is that everyone that 90% of the people in the class are super senior in mechanical engineer, or have had experience working with sheet metal. So there were only around 4-6 people left in the room drawing the circit. I finished building my circuit today, and i think next week i will work on the sheet metal and I will be done for the rest of the quarter.

I hate going to sleep at 2:00am, for some reason, I finish all my work and stuff so forth by 11:00pm. Then I sit around figuring out how to use the 3d program.

I like to sit around an imagine about things. I’m still trying to think of the greatest senior project ever. But currently, I’m having a hard time, because I can only think big, (“or as some of the people in AACF like to say “Andrew’s Crazy ideas”). For some reason, I require almost nothing to be satisfied and enjoy. I sat around yesterday for 2 hours in the UU, with a pencil and paper drawing random cartoon characters. But anyways, since I want to make a senior project I have to think of something I want, but that is not made. Since I am satisified with what I have, I sit there for hours thinking. The last great idea i thought of was monkey ball. I want to get a real monkey and put it in a ball, and have the monkey walk around my room.

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