we watched cartoons

So I bothered vinesh, and got him to come over to my house today to work on the flash animation. So currently, after I drew for around 3-4 hours. I have 2 pictures to show for it. ITs kind of sad, but the pictures are really good for animation with a mouse. I just don’t want to spend the money to buy a pen tablet. So i just draw with my mouse. So we ended up making my animation dark and shadowly, very similar to how they made Batman:TAS, and gotham girls flash animation.

Anyways, while I was drawing. Vinesh was watching Sherlock Holmes in the 22nd century. We watched my DVD and then we watched the rest on Yahooligans. And after watching that, we ended up watching that other cartoon Legend of Zelda. It was terrible, but intriguing also. So after around 6 hours of stuff, we ended up with a lot of random cartoon quotes in our mind.

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