money makes trouble

It sucks when someone asks you for money, but you don’t want to give it to them.

So, lets start off the fun. Even though I like ebay a lot, I don’t like it a lot either. I don’t like that max bid thing. Because it messes me up when I bid. I was bidding on a piece of electronic. I thought I put in 7.50 as my bid, and didn’t notice that my max bid was 75. And ebay will only bid just above the value so I only saw 7.50 as my bid. And then the next day I come back and my bid is at 71 dollars.
I’m perplexed because somebody just drove my bid through the roof. The thing was that, there was a lot of this single item on ebay. The new ones could be bought for 40-50 dollars with the buy now button. So I think that person was trying to drive up my bid for the heck of it. So I just wrote an e-mail to the person who put up that bid saying I wrote in the wrong bid. I hope that person understands.

Second issue, my roommate wrote me back an e-mail saying “I want 150 from each of you from the security deposit you got back from the old apt, because I spent 5 hours cleaning up the place, and you would have gotten nothing if I didn’t clean it up”. This caught my attention, because 150 dollars from each person is a lot of money, and our security deposit was only 400. I don’t question that he spent 5 hours cleaning, but I also spent 5 hours cleaning certain parts of it early in the week, and left him the other half. I washed almost of the kitchen (except for fridge), and wiped down the tables, and left him the couches and living room. The problem is that he’s my roommate for next year, and I don’t want to put some animosty between both of us. But I don’t want to pay the 150, so I’m trying to tactfully figure out how to say “I don’t think your cleaning is worth 150 a person”. Since my other 2 roommates have moved out, they replied to his answers bluntly saying “I don’t think we should pay 150 each, I got back my security deposit and it said ‘cleaning $40’, so I would be willing to pay that but not 150. I think it will take me a some time(2 hours) to figure out how to attack this situation.

I hope AACF has a softball team this year. I was at my grandparents house and my grandfather found my uncle’s Chinese Bible Church softball jersey. And its nice bright yellow, and has the number 4 on it. I think that is one of my favorite number growing up. Somehow, I vaguely remember that I wore both 4 or 7 in little league baseball and soccer.

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