because my roommate is japanese, he loves baseball a lot. And with the World baseball classic, we have baseball on all the time at our place. They play early like noon time, but they also show games late at night at 11:00pm. It kind of messes up my timing with sports. So I wake up to baseball and go to sleep watching baseball at 2am. In between watching baseball, I also watched the UEFA premier soccer championship. And I was watching ronaldinho, and the ball seems to be glued to his feet when he’s playing. There are 2 people drapped all over him, and he just moves them off with ease.

And I was looking at the internet and looking at the top 5 visited sites. And myspace was one, so I decided that I should finally get a myspace, just for the sake of getting one. I went around looking for webspace name, because I didn’t want to use mightydru because i don’t want random online people iming me. So i found one tehphilosopher (which i took from vinesh).

I don’t really know what to update, because I really have been bumming around doing either homework/video games. And I can’t really make video games exciting, well except for that one time. Where I was playing mario strikers, and this was the first time we played it on masterful. And the computer kept on stuffing us, and we had played 10 games(lost them all in shutouts). Then we finally scored a goal, and we all got up and ran around the living room doing soccer celebrations. I did the airplane landing on the carpet (which gives massive rug burns).

And the background I put for my livejournal was something i made using photoshop some time ago. I don’t really remember how i made it, because i was following a tutorial online.

Finally, my freshman roommate is on a pizza rolling streak. I think the past week he has bought pizza almost everyday. I always open the door at night, and a pizza guy is there.

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