Visiting My Nephew, and Happy Hour

During lunchtime, I sometimes go and visit my auntie and play with my nephew. Today, I went over and brought some puzzles that my mom found while she was cleaning the house.

I had 5 puzzles, a bob the builder, some little bo peep and sheep, kids wearing sweaters, and some fox boy throughout the day, and an alphabet turtle. While I was playing with my nephew, I was eating some weird chicken food that my auntie had bought from a farmers market, (The vendor had said it was teriyaki chicken, but it tasted more like soy sauce chicken on rice).


My auntie told me she had never played puzzles with Ethan. So when I was playing with him it was really funny watching him be happy and try to put in puzzles. Instead of trying to place the pieces together, he would try to slide them into each other. To help him, I would sometimes push down on the pieces so his piece would just slide over and in.


He was so excited everytime he pushed a piece in. He would give me a high five, and when he finished the whole puzzle he was usually laying on the ground and would put his hands on his side. Make a happy noise, and I thought he looked like a penguin sliding on ice. Smile

How excited was my cousin with the puzzles, he just waved goodbye to me when I was leaving. Usually he sits on the porch to wave goodbye to me.

Being Friday, I went to happy hour with my co-workers. The funny part was that my co-workers had mention a restaurant to me, but I guess I didn’t hear it. So I went to the place that some of us usually go to “Chili’s”. However I didn’t see my co-workers in there, even though I left 1 minute after them. Then I realized they had gone to “Eddie Papa’s”, so I walked 200 yards to the other restaurant across from Chili’s.

We got one of my favorite beers “Dogfish Head”.


We loved the spinich and crab dip.


Then we had cotton candy from the restaurant as a customary thing with the bill. SmileIMAG1073

That was my happy hour, and I spent most of my night after cleaning my house.

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