Transparent Fundraiser

So to help make up for the shortfall in the Transparent retreat, we had a fundraiser on sunday after church. It was pretty interesting how I got chosen to make something hot. Freaking girls making me make something, when I didn’t really want to. However, I did it because I care.

So I tried to make asian meatballs, however, I don’t think I put enough sauce, so it tasted just like a regular meatball. I julienne all the sweet potatoes, and mince the mushrooms. Smile, then just mixed everything together, and packed them into 1.5 inch meatballs.


So after I brought it to church, I separated them onto a cooking tray.IMAG1077

Then I put it all into a bowl after it was done cooking.



Dim Sum: Nom Nom Nom


Now my friend Alan wanted me to take a picture of him, because he wanted to be in my blog. So here we go!


They stood for no reason for the picture. Smile

Then there was softball practice after, it is always funny hearing the responses from the girls. I think there are a few skeptical females on our team, that have preconceived notions about things. They are also the ones that have never played on a sports team, so they don’t really fully understand why I want them to do things, even when I tell them.

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