valentine’s day

Yeah, that’s all i have to say about today. Because I don’t have a girlfriend.

So yesterday, my roommates upstairs were complaining about the kitchen being dirty. And they wish they could hire a maid, or someone get a girlfriend who would keep our place clean. So I decided that it would be kind of nice of me to clean the kitchen. So I did half a kitchen cleaning. I cleaned all the dishes, the countertops (except for the stove, that would require some heavy duty cleaning weapons). And all the while it felt kind of nasty, but then I thought, (Jesus would wash his disciples feet, and the lady washed Jesus’s feet with her hair), I could do it too. So my roommates came back 2 hours later and were amazed at how clean the kitchen looked.

Vinesh and I are talking about if people can read in dreams. Because we watched an episode of the cartoon Batman the animated series. And in that one, batman knew he was in a dream because he could not read the newspaper. So he got out of the dream. Then I had a dream several nights ago, and I took 3 tests for the same class all in a row in one day. And it was the most frustrating test of all time. Because in my dreams. I could read the questions but I didn’t know how to do it. When I woke up, I thought about those questions, and they didn’t make sense. I rmemeber the questions I read went something like this, “There are 5 rabbits running against a train. The rabbits have a dna of guarine, thymine, …. . What other animal will i have to add to make the train stop?” And it was multiple choice also, but I had no clue. Its a good thing my dreams don’t come true, because the questions i saw in that test would make no sense in real life.

I was watching this flash animation, and it just made me laugh. The ultimate showdown of ultimate destiny. And my roommate is correct, I really do like slapstick comedy, especially a person getting hit in their command center.

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