getting sleepy now

For some reason, I work up really early today (well yesterday, as i’m typing this at 2am). But I woke up at 5:45 for no apparent reason. Well I did go to sleep at 11pm. So I couldn’t really sleep, so i wasted time by making cookies. This was the second time I made this recipe of cookies.

The first time i made it, I must have misread it, because I thought it said “makes 2 dozen”. So i did make 2 dozens big cookies, they took longer to cook, and were really soft to the point where it was cookie dough. But this time I put down smaller scoops because i read 4 dozen. So I gave some to my roommates (by placing it right on their desks) who were asleep. I’m not sure if they ate it, but I hope they did. Then i brought the rest to school with me, so i could share it with some of the people from AACF.

Today looks like it will be the last day there will be nice weather for a while. I feel sorry for some of the guys that are going to go camping this weekend, it looks like it will pour on saturday. And for some reason, I don’t really like the cookies I make. But everyone else really liked them. I think i like really crunchy cookies.

Kamaulu seems to only have 10 minute lectures prepared. Because we finish acoustics class half an hour early, all the time. And I have enough pieces of paper to fill a 2 inch binder. There’s so much data, that I don’t comprehend most of it. Eventually, Ihope i will, maybe i need to build several speakers before i finally understand.

I need to find someone who can think as big as me. Because no one i was talking to from AACF want to undertake some ambitious projects with me.

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