Let me do a quick update. I didn’t really want to take my final on friday. It was at 4:00pm in the afternoon, and I didn’t have any finals that day. Also, the class wasn’t that important to me, not that cultural anthropology is not important. I just didn’t feel like taking the final and having to study for that class.

I don’t like having to go to htat class for a test, because it always seems to be raining on that day. Anyway, that was one fast final, people were leaving after only 25 minutes. I took my time and finished it in 40 minutes. There were only 6 people left when i finished.

So after that final, i forfilled one of my service auctions. I went to Matt and Dlee’s place to wash their bathroom. Their bathroom wasn’t that dirty to begin with, so it wasn’t as bad. I threw some lysol, bleach stuff on their walls and just went about scrubbing, and cleaning. The only thing that was really hard to wash was their sink. It had a layer of grim on a little part of it. So it took me a while to rub it off. But once I took it off, it looked nice and shiny. I think i got to their place at around 6 :00pm, and I finished at around 7:30. DLee was washing the dishes and his kitchen. I did the best i could in cleaning their place, and got a lot of it cleaner. Shiny when you walk in.

Then dlee and I went to eat at the Thai Cuisine. That place is really good. We had the fried chicken in paste appetizer. It looked like square shaped chicken meat fried, tasted really good. Then we had the phad Thai. The peanut oil made it really sweet and unhealthy. =) But i liked it anyway.

When i came back to my apt, my roommate was looking at me funny. He thought I had already left for home, and was amazed that all i took was by backpack filled.

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