Okay, here we go

Okay, i’ve finally finish my physics homework, and all that stuff, and caught up mostly in my classes. So my day wasn’t too bad. I had dynamics in the morning, and i just didn’t feel like getting out of bed. Most days, i don’t feel like getting out of bed, but today was the worst. Usually, you feel lethargic, and just want to go back to sleep. But today, my eyes felt so heavy even when i woke up, and my body just wanted to not get out. So i had to roll myself off the bed, and my body had to get up.

dynamics class was confusing. All my professor did was do derivatives. Well doing derivatives isn’t hard. But my professor has weird notations. She uses e^(t) to represent a unit function. and 0 the radian sign to represent sin deta.
So it is kind of hard to follow what she is doing. Becuase from all my math, and statics, and other classes, i’ve been using differnet notations. My friend was telling me he was having a hard time following her also.

did i tell you that physics has gotten me to the point, where i’ve just about unleash the hulk upon it. I sit there and do the physics problem and don’t get hte right answer. i keep on working it. Eventually after 2 hours, i get the answer. Then i have to do 10 more problems. =(. It took so long, so i’ve been getting only 6 hours or sleep, and it has made me really sleepy in all my classes. I was falling asleep in my labs.


Right now, i just finished my ime 141 class. The teacher is treating it like a freshman 1 unit class. So all i really have to do is show up. And i will get an A in that class.


Quick recap of what i did. =). On saturday. I sat around and did physics, and more physics, and i cooked myself some food. I was cooking a cheese quesadia. When somebody called me. And i was talking to him for 2 minutes, and i forgot out my quesedailla. So i ran out with my cell phone on, becuase i only get really good reception in my room. Hoping that i would not drop him, and i saw my quesedal. The tortilla had puff up, and it was all burnt on the bottom. So i threw it out.


Sunday, i woke up early. And even earlier because it was spring forward. So i was up at 7:45am. And i went to chruch with Chris Kearny. Haha, i finally remmeber his last name. Most people, i just know them by their first name’s. So after church, we went to someone’s house, and i was standing outside with Sarah and Troy, because the person’s who’s apartment we were at, wasn’t home. So once we got inside we started cooking and making the food for the Prado Day Center. We made salad, hot dogs. Then we got over to Prado around 11:45, and started serving the less fortunate at around 12:00. It was so nice to see people smile. I could just feel the energy surging through me. I think that makes me really happy, seeing other people become happy. Well, i take more pleasure if i help serve them to make them happy. I don’t get as happy if i didn’t really help them get happy. It doesn’t make me feel giddy. Becuase i was just all juiced after serving the people.


Then i came back and did more physics. I cooked more meat, and physics some more.So sunday was church, people, physics. Hehe, Physics is going to feel my wrath soon.


Monday was a lot of class, and i got really lazy at night. So i had my so called “king’s banquet”. I had banquet “tv dinner” with “Banquet: Chicken Pot pie” with bread. It was good because i didn’t feel like cooking.


I meet so many people that i’ve had class with, but never talk to. =). It’s nice getting to know them. The funny things happen to be that a lot of the people i meet, go to campus crusade, PCF, or the other Christian clubs. One example is Chris, the guy who gives me a ride to church. I was helping out at the prado center, because it was a PCF thing. =). Even though i’m not PCF.


Ooh, i think i’ve blogged enough for now.


The story is coming along fine.

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