i hate it when i procrastinate

so no more procrastination today. That’s all i have to say, and you better be studying and not wasting time away blog jumping. I will study now.



okay, I was just on people’s blogs because i’m wasting time inbetween studying subjects. Haha, i keep on crossing people’s blogs and they like to put disclaimers like don’t confront me about what i say on my blog, and if i do say something on my blog that offends you don’t read it. =). Well i’m going to say the opposite.

If i do offend you please tell it to me up front, you know why, becuase i only think 5 people read my blog. That’s it. 5 people. Really, i look and i never get any hits on my blog, and i don’t have any links from anyone. Xanga sucks because they can’t link outside of xanga. And livejournal doesn’t link outside either. What’s up with this, only blogspot allows outside link. =). Hahaha, i’m still number one on google if you search for “mightydru”.

Okay, back to work. All you people out there get 3 words from me. You are magnificent, and special. That was 5 words, but “are” and “and” don’t count as words.

I think my blog fits my personality just right. Did i tell you how my friend, Chris who takes me th church told me that he walked through the sewers. He says there’s an opening on one of the roads, and then you walk around inside the sewer and pop up near a crate. They lifted the crate and got out. Haha, i’m going to ask him to take me to the sewers. Then i can do my impression of the ninja turtles. I’ll carry a pizza box with me, and eat it with master splinter.

Why doesn’t this comment part of my log work. Why? Why? Why?. That’s 3 why’s and it means i really don’t know how to fix it. I’ve looked at ever code i have in my blog. And i can’t tell where it’s going wrong. Maybe i’ll make a comment on another part of the host and see if i can get it to work there. You can preview your comment, you can actually post a comment even though the next page will not reload. Just reopen the log the comment page and it will be there.

Just like english papers, i don’t double check my blog. =). If i use incorrect grammer, it is because i’m writing off the top of my head. So my blog is like the brainstorming part of the writing process.

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