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so this morning i looked at my computer and it seemed kind ofslow. So i’m trying to see what program is messed up in my computer that is slowing it down.


Also, there are no classes today because it is a caesar chavez holiday. =). Lucky me. But i have to do all this homework right now. So it really isn’t much of a holiday. A working holiday.


Count Chocula tastes okay. I think the 2 best cereal to eat right out of the box are cheerios, and fruit loops. Ooh, Captain Crunch is good also out of the box.


massive blog right now

Here we go, with the megamix blog of the day. Because i didn’t really write about anything in hte morning. Okay first thing i’ll talk about is my studying. I was studying today and not playing. Why does college have so much work?. I think i was just asking for it, because i want to be an engineer. So when i come out to work, i better light the industry on fire.

There is a war going on between my suite mate and a guy downstairs. It stems from last quarter. Let me give you some background. My roommates are late nighters, and they eat dinner at 10:00pm. So they don’t go to sleep until 2:00am. And they listen to music, and have nice bass in their room. And one of them plays his music at night kind of loud. You can hear the bumping of the bass. It is at midnight. and it gets the guy downstairs mad. And that guy wrote a letter and put it on our door. That guy said he had a class at 8:00am and needed to sleep. I think that guy is a really light sleeper. Because i’m a rock, i’m out at 11:00pm and nothing will wake me up. So today, the guy downstairs was enacting his attack, and started playing his music loud at 11:00am. I could hear the bumping, and i then hear my roommate jump out of bed and starting to stomp on the floor. Then he turns his music loud. I then think the other guy turns off his music, and they talk out the window. And somehow they compromise, and it was quiet. =).

I think i’m a very light studier. I can easily get distracted. Because when i’m zoning in, i can hear the electiricty flowing through my computer and the clock ticking. It’s really annoying. So i usually have to turn off my computer, and if the crickets are making noise at 9:00am in the morning that annoys me too. It takes me some time to zone in, but once i zone in, i can study through a thunderstorm.


3rd thing. I was online and i saw that google is going to have an e-mail service. They are giving 1gigabyte e-mail storage. =) That means you could upload a really big movie onto there, or a lot of mp3’s.
click here I think i should get a google e-mail address.


I was just looking at And they have some great stuff on how to be man of God. They have a series on the married man. I downloaded their “be the man” pdf file. It has some ideas on how to Spritually lead my family. Well, i’m single right now, but i thought i might as well see what i should be preparing for. But i was looking at hte questions. They have one where “What to look for in a mentor”
Is your mentor …
-a man of vision?,
-a man of faith?
-a man of prayer?
– a man of humility? excellence? compassion?
– a man who delegates? sets an example? who reveals his life to you? man of integrity?


I hope to one day forfill all of those. I think i’m kind of becoming lax, and failing in my walk with God. I’ve lost my focus, so i think i have to take a step back to assess what is wrong with me. I think i don’t have enough accoutabilty. I can motivate myself, but i usually get really motivated if i feel that i have something tor prove. But I know that’s not how God is. I don’t need to prove anything to him, because he gave me everything. So I have to strive with motivation that is God given to me. Wow. That’s kind of hard. Maybe God should give me a homework assignement. I think i’ll do that. I’ll put deadlines on myself. I’ll make myself a list of bibe verses i should meet. Oh wait, i’ve found my motivation. I have to outlearn the mormons. For people to keep me accountable. This is my schedule. here


Okay, continue on. I work at lighthouse only wednesday this quarter. I think i’m the most well known cook among the people in the serving line. For some reason the 2 chefs like saying my name. Just yelling it out for no apparent reason. It must be that just by yelling my name they take great joy. Because Rick just likes saying “ANDREW”. Like if he’s saying “WHAT’s UP”. The other cook likes to say “Andrew Wong, let’s cook stuff”. “Andrew wong, let’s fix this”. I think i must have worn something right off onto them.
I made instant mash potatoes. Some water, a stick of butter, and 2 cans of powered instant mash potatoes mix. And a lot of stirring. Then i got my potatoes. It wasn’t salty enough the first time. What’s fun about the kitchen is that i’m getting to be a really good cook back there. So much that Rick had someone else come into the grill room because he needed my help in the back. I think i’m the fastest worker they have, becuase i’m always in buisness terms “Just in time”. They need pasta, they get pasta “just in time”.

I need to stretch my shoulder muscles. I have really tense shoulders.


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