Haha, poker is no sport

So i was sitting around today, and my sister wanted to play me Texas Hold’em. I don’t know what she finds so fun about this game. So i sat down and played with her, because she kept on asking me. Then i decided to show her why poker isn’t really fun. I just tried to dominate. I took all her play money 2x. I was sitting there bluffing like a machine. I went all in 3x, and it scared her. Then i wanted to finish the game. So i went all blind, and all in, and she had 2 pairs, but I had a full house on the river. I just went all in, because i was getting tired after playing for 25 minute.

I started doing a remake of my guitar song “i sing bad”. Haha, it is much cooler now, because i found a guitar program, and i now play the song 2x, but with different variations of the notes to make it sound good together. I also added a little solo to it. So it should be good, but i didn’t get to finish because edris came by.

Then edris came over, and then he wanted to play poker. In my head I was asdfasfadsfasdfsdafasdfasdfasd, more poker =( So, i had to play poker again. So i ended up winning again, because my sister and edris started playing, so i had to sit there and play. Then to top it off, I beat both of them twice in a row. I don’t know why i was winning, but i was dominating. They lost all their money, i love to bluff on my sister. Then for edris, let’s just say, I was always able to entice him to play a lot of money, and i always barely beat him. The best part was the last play. I went all in, I had a 2 and 3. And on the flop there was a 5,6, J. Then edris put down 3 of a kind. And I then had a 4 on the turn and a 2 on the river. And i won with a straight. I then stopped playing. Because i had played at least 2 hours of poker, and i was getting really bored.

I don’t know how poker can be a sport. I call it a card game. It’s funny, how i hear those commercials about making poker an olympic sport. Haha, I laugh at that. I don’t think a card game should ever be call a sport. For three reasons.

– First, in poker all the cards you get are draw of a luck, and you can not change your luck. So 75% of the time, people fold after the initial bet, and you can’t do anything about it

– There are no physically demanding exercise needed to prepare for poker. Even though they might be sitting there on the table concentrating on a playing for more then 24 hours straight. I could sit in front of my computer and play donkey kong, and madden( play a whole season =) ).

– The only thing that a person can do in poker is just bluff. Haha, how interesting is that.
And the best part is that, an 8 year old can come up and win a match just because they have good cards.

Okay, no more about talking about poker, becuase i believe my sister will come and ask me to play again tomorrow. Then i will have to bluff more, and just talk big.

Hmm, my mom is into dancing a lot. I’m helping her record the songs on her dvd, so she can listen to the song in her car. So i’m watchign the video on the computer as i’m pulling the song from the computer. And i’m impressed. I think I will learn how to walztz, rumba, and tango.I might want to learn the foxtrot too. I bet if i watch all these videos 3 times tonight, I will get the basics down. Hmm, i think i need to open up that ballroom dancing book. Then i need to figure out how to lead. I know the footwork to do those circles. The guy in the video i’m watching is fast. He did 3 spin-o-ramas. I wonder how that lady in the video is able to dance so well in high heels. She must have strong feet, or must be soaking them after dancing.

After watching all the dancing. I have rated what dance i like from the 4 styles i was watching waltz, rumba, foxtrot, tango.

Waltz, Foxtrot- I will put them together, because they look very similar. I will call foxtrot, the slower version of a waltz. Looks like how you would first learn to waltz. In the foxtrot is always walking. While with waltz, there is more grace and flow to it. You glide, and it looks effortless, and much faster the the trot

Rumba- Hmm, this dance seems to be the easiest to lead, because the guy doesn’t have to hold onto the woman the entire time. So there is a lot of time the guy just dances around by himself moving his arms slowly, and the female spins back. Then he spins her around, and then do some more twirlys. The female does so much more dancing in this they the guy.

Tango- This is hard to figure out. It looks like foxtrot, with a lot of head motion, and stopping. The stop, juke and move. The lady does more head motion then the guy. Haha, from what i gathered from watching the dance. While the guy leads. The lady knows when to move her head according to the way the guy moves her arm. She does a look left then right, when the guy raises the arm and lowers it very quickly. Then the guy pushes her arm back, and lowers his arm behind her back, when he wants her to lean back.

From what i guage. I think i should learn how to do all those dances. =). So i know some waltzing, so i will practice some tango. Maybe my mom will teach me some.

So i have 3 goals to finish. Learn to waltz, tango, rumba, foxtrot. Then I’ll learn some salsa, and swing.

That means, i’m going to need to build up even more muscle mass, for swing dancing. So i’m going to put myself to a grueling regime. I will run to the bottom of palomares hill and back up. On my way up, i’ll take a detour to the childrens park and do 30 pull ups, then run back. I hope i will have the muscle i need in 2 weeks to throw 120 pounds with ease.

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