life as an all-nighter

I think mechatronics has to have the hardest projects on campus, because everything can go wrong, electronics, software, and mechanical. Our job is to figure out which one is not working correctly and somehow fix it mechanically or software.

Yesterday, master chief ( the guy who is in charge of writing all the program) was programming all day. I think he has only slept a total of 8 hours since Saturday. We made him go to sleep because he started talking to the wall and being useless when he was programing. I had to sleep in my car last night too, but since I learned from my experience in fall quarter, I stuffed a sleeping bag in my car. So I was able to just pull it out and sleep in my car. The reason I had to sleep in my car was because my lab partners were working on the code, but were not at the point where they needed me. So I was sleeping at 2, and at 4am, I got back up and back to work.

I’ll put up pictures of the robot tonight.

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