Tuesday Tales

I am rewriting this the 2nd time. I actually wrote it a couple minutes ago, but forgot to upload it before I closed my w.bloggar tool. So here we go.

I am slightly disappointed today. My friends lab partner took back the tickets he sold to me, becuase he wasn’t paying attnetion and found out it was the last game of the season. Which is fan appreciation night, so he has promised me another game, or maybe a discount for playoff tickets. =) I wanted to go to the other saturday, but it is Graceland Retreat week. I wouldn’t want to be a bad example and leave retreat on saturday, hahah, everyone will forever joke about Andrew cutting retreat for a hockey game. =)

I was talking to my co-worker and we were talking about how to survive work. That in order to do well at work, you have to learn how to not take things personally. Which actually helps a lot, I don’t really get stressed out if people yell at my work because I forgot to put a part in there, I just take it as a learning experience and will make it better next time.

Finally today, I went to have a beer with my co-worker. He convinced me that even though I still have a slight cough, the beer will help alleviate it. Which it did, because it was a pretty smooth and creamy stout, my throat felt really well coated. So in my mind beer does stop coughing, just as good as the 8 cough drops i had at work.

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