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I talk to my roommate while he’s sleeping in the morning. Actually, its in whispering, but i think he actually hears me but is just ignoring me.

So yesterday during my design lab time, my group members and I decide to go shopping for our materials. So we are looking for a motor (big one, like scooter powered sized) And so we go to home depot, nothing there, but we do find some nice wheel barrel tires. Then we go to law’s hobby shop, they have really small motors, for little model toys. So we will now need to go somewhere else, or maybe I can borrow evan’s scooter motor.

The cal poly student president election looks like it will be close. My lab partner has all the experience, and knows what goes on with student goverment. While the other person to run came from left field. She has a chance to win because she is very popular (at the bar scene), and has no experience working with student goverment. So my lab partner is kind of scared that she might pull it off.

Finally, these past few nights, I’ve been having weird dreams. Like i’m at some small hut on the coast to buy food and the guy has no food, so i have to go buy some food for him to cook it for me. And another dream was that I got my hair colored, and I was running around the inside of a building. And I have no idea where all these ideas are from at all.

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