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I went to the men’s ministry meeting today, and i don’t think any of the females know what in the world goes on there. For some reason, last night someone had said that Ivan would cook us breakfast, because it was from 9:30-12. But we didn’t really believe it, and true enough he didn’t cook us breakfast. He did buy donuts and orange juice, so i think it made up for it.

For some reason, we like to give our men’s ministry meetings really weird manly titles. So todays’ title was “Ironman”, and I had no idea what that title meant. Turns out, we just took that title because the girls wouldn’t have understood what we were talking about anyways. But anyways our meeting topic was on purity, and we listened to a tape by Pastor Aaron at first baptist when they had their purity conference.

And all mechanical engineers have to watch each other’s back. So Evan graciously loaned me all his equipment that he used in making his design project. So now I have a motor, a giant power source, which we might have to make safer, because right now we just have just hte red and black ends and would have to manutally touch the motor. This thing packs a wallop of current. 12 volts, 6amps. So actually not that much, but enough to hurt if i became part of the circuit.

Finally, I sometimes forget the difference between a zucchini and a cucumber. So I cut the cucumber and cooked it today, and it doesn’t taste good cooked becuase it has that cucumber sour taste. It might have tasted better in a soup.

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