took a bus ride

So i took the bus to download SLO. Now, every time i take the bus in Cal Poly on the weekends I just see weird people.

Anyways before that, since i live in mustang village, I was looking for bus routes that would get to downtown. And i didn’t really want to walk far, so i looked at the schedule and saw there were 3 lines that go by the place. But only one line that stopped. So i contemplated to myself if I should take that line, because that was going to be the longest bus route possible to my destination. It would take my 40 minutes to get to downtown, because it was going to the opposite side and then back. So i left at 9:36 and got to downtown at 10:17. It was a nice long scenic drive. The thing is that, It only takes Marc 4 minutes to drive to downtown if we just went straight through.

Once i got to downtown, i went to the postoffice, and for some reason I took their photopackaging, and found out it was for photos, after i had written all over it and stuff. So i just used it.

anyways back to the bus, on one of the stops there were 2 men, with a lot of packages. 3 boxses, one was a giant bike still in the packaging and they had to stick that bike on top of the seats on the right, just when you walk in, and on the left they stuck the giant rubbermaid box, with a 13.5 inch tv box on top. Then they were talking about something like selling the stuff to Ohio, and so forth. I didn’t pay attention because i was listening to music, but they were right next to me, so sound crept in.

I got back to my room, and my roommate is still asleep. And its 12:05pm. Afternoon, now.

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