painful friday

Remember how I came out of EE class very late at night. I think i went to sleep at around 11:30. So i woke up at 4:00am. And then went back to sleep, and i thought somebody pushed me on my shoulder to wake me up at 7:25am in the morning. It was kind of weird. I was in a dream, and someone was shaking my shoulder, and for some reason i woke up, and it felt like someone had just shook my shoulder to wake me up. So I look around, and nobody there. So i must have been shaken on the shoulders in my dream.

Dear me, that’s what i thought when i took my test. It was super long, and we only had 50 minutes to work on it. It was 170 points total, first 3 questions were 35 points, and the last question was 65 points. And i did hte first 2 questions and that took me 40 minutes, and the last two problems were crazy.

Then I had EE class from 1-2. This class is so boring, we kind of want to see who doesn’t go to class. I think 1/3 of the class wasn’t here today.

AACF was very long. All the announcements, made my butt hurt, and my feet fall asleep.

I also played some b-ball after. I set a lot of really good picks. And I also got run over like a train by some 250 pound guy who was running up and i was getting ready to take the charge. The thing was that i was guarding someone in the key, and we were right in the front of it, and the guy had full momentum. And it looked like i was trying to get out of the way, but he was going in towards me. So when the rock met me, we both went backwards. And he was wondering who fouled him, then he saw that he had run me over.

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