heavy load

asdf, i had a heavy load of work to do easter week. I had a group meeting, and other things i have to do. This year, i’m like a hermit. I sit in my room, and do work. Physics homework takes at least 4 hours a week. And i have a lot of math and other homework. This is the hardest quarter yet. Work all day and night. I don’t even play video games anymore. =). But that’s cool.


hahaha, i was drawing

so i was drawing. Trying to see if i can draw cartoons. So i had a picture of michelle branch. So i tried to make her into a cartoon. So i started tracing her, and coloring her. And turned her into a cartoon. =)

Yeah, if you want to bother me. Give me a picture of you, and i’ll turn you into a cartoon like her. =). For free. Because i just like making art. and creating facets. =)



i have a headache now. I think my brain is just hurting because i tried using it to figure out everything in physics, buti couldn’t figure out everything in physics. So it’s tired and grumpy, and now my head hurts. i”M trying to read one more section in my physics book, before i go to sleep. Just one more. Come on, I’m goign to be a gamer. Mind over headache. Mental toughness.



I’m a gamer. =). I”m a gamer in everything. I try to i die. So i’m gaming through physics, with this headache. and i’m feeling frustrated, but i’m going to figure out the answer eventually, i’ll get it. I will get it. I put my pencil on this dot. that i’m going to get the answer. No doubt about it. Game time baby.

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