Time to get stuff done

I guess I can feel myself starting to get stressed by the idea of work and starting to look for a house. And how do I deal with stress? I notice that I start trying to be more productive. My body starts reving up the “lets go create/finish a project” as long as figure out a way to hit my problem head on. What I think it is, solving the problem gives me a nice little jump off point to hit my bigger problem in the jaw. =)


So I have been working on the church website. So I will be a little more boring, becuase I don’t play as much right now.


Oh yeah, I saw my baby cousin Allison yesterday. She is so cute, the opposite of Ethan. There she is in her conehead hat.



That was from yesterday, it was my grandpa’s birthday. So all my relatives went to Legendary Palace in chinatown to have dinner. It was so nice meeting a lot of 2nd cousins that I don’t even know. A lot of them are young like 5-7. So some of them I still have no idea who they are, now I understand why my grandparents or relatives can mess up saying my name. We just kept on refering to each kid as boy and girl. =)



I do enjoy the grass jelly with the syrup on it. As long as I get it nicely mixed up.


Tomorrow I will figure out more things in my life. “Why I am slightly stressed out by life”. I am trying to figure out how to tippytoe this line. If I want to buy a house, I need to stay at my job until I get the house bought. However, I’m not sure how long I can last at my company, because the company is on a tailspin right now. Like a game of chicken.

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