My Grandma Punked Me

So I’ve started my blog back up, on my own webpage blanklab, since i have had it for so long and didn’t use it.

Anyways, I thought this was amusing event that happened to me on wednesday. My grandma has been staying over for a couple weeks why my gandpa has been healing up at the rehab center. My uncles and parents will call into the house everyday to talk to her, so she uses the phone in the house. The thing I didn’t know was that my grandma never screened the calls, she just picked it up. Since she can’t speak english well, if she picks up the phone and someone starts talking in english to her, she says “wrong number” and hangs up on them. Hahahaha

So that isn’t too bad, excxept I had an appointment with my optometrist. I thought i was confirmed for wednesday, but what happened was they had called me for a confirmation. Since I didn’t confirm, they gave my appointment to someone else. I  was thinking for a minute, I never got a call… Ooooh, my grandma must have hung up on them. =)

Now the optometrist has my cell phone number. 😉 That’s what I have learned.

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