That’s how we did on our lab report. The teacher was going over it with my lab group and I and he just knocked us off points. He reamed us because we didn’t made a very “un Cal Poly” quality paper because we didn’t have a memo and our data was off. It would make sense because we thought he just wanted us to turn in a data table from the stuff he wrote on the lab handout.

For some reason, I think I’m becoming less efficient when I’m doing my homework. I was talking to other guys in my lab group, and they too felt that they were getting less accomplished them before. Before, we could just sit there and crank out dynamic problems for three straight hours. And then we concluded, it must be because the stuff we are doing now are harder. And there really is no answers for it, because no one has done it yet. And my lab partner fell asleep during the teachers discussion, and the teacher always goes around after the lecture to make sure we all know what is going on in the lab. So to my lab partner instead of saying “do you understand” he said “good afternoon, how was the nap?”

Then I was watching Countdown with Keith Oberman, and he was talking about that new Bugatti that costs 1.5 million dollars and has 2 rungs for the keys. One to go from 0-200 mph, and the other to go from 200-255. Then I wondered who would buy that car. After a while, I thought what it would be like to actually have money to buy anything on impulse. Then I thought, it must not be a fun as saving up the money to buy it.

Finally, a lot of prospective students are taking tours around campus. So I’m in my lab class, and the room across is a place that all prospective students are taken to. But in our lab is just computers with us sitting there. But it feels like you are in a zoo, because I feel all thsoe people staring in watching us do stuff.

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