So I was pondering today, what i should get my parents for their Christmas present. I thought for a while, because i didn’t really know what to get. I was going to go to the mint and get my dad a coin. But i don’t know what coin he has, and it’s not worth too much. So i’ve ended up with this idea. I will paint my parents a watercolor. I hope it’s really sunny tomorrow, because i’m going to run down to hte little rest spot on the descent of the hill. Take a picture of the bay and the side of hills, and bring it back and watercolor that.

Today, I woke up fairly late, because of the little excursion i had last night at vinesh’s house. We ended up watchign NFL Primetime and eating corn dogs.

Anyway’s Vinesh came by today, and we went to Doug’s Place to Pick up Doug, then we went to the resturant “Doug’s Place” for breakfast/lunch. I had a breakfast of pancakes and sausage. Then we talked about the script, very little of it.

Then we played football in the park while trying to brainstorm. I brewed up a storm, but it wasn’t to their taste. They wanted something very simple, like a phone call.

Then we played some Mario Tennis, that game is really fun and addicting. Donkey Kong is so big, that if you put him up to hte net, his armspan can take almost any ball.

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