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So today was a fun day, even though it was really cold outside. Doug Vinesh and I went out to Half Moon Bay. We had lunch at his really nice quaint diner. The food was very delicious. Vinesh was saying how his orange juice was really good freshly squeeze.

We then went to the beach. So we skipped Popular Beach, and went to this beach a little farther away. So we had to walk half a mile to get to the cliff to go down to hte beach. The only thing that we didn’t expect was that they had closed off the path to the beach there. So we only stayed at that part for several minutes. We think the reason they closed it off was because it was a seal beach. Protected just for the seals that were lying around in the bottom of hte beach.

So we went to popular beach. It was fairly cold, but we played some football and soccer. Doug took pictures of the ocean while vinesh and I practiced our soccer skills Brazilian style, by trying to play keep away with the water. So we would run away from the tide as fast as we could. Eventually, we went a little crazy with football, and we were having diving drills. We just threw the ball to the point where you had to dive to catch it. I got a lot of sand into my boxers. I was picking up the football, and i was caught from behind by a big tide, and it splashed all into my pants and boxers.

I didn’t notice my moist boxers with sand in them until i sat back in doug’s car. Cold to the touch, and there was irration by the sand. We went to Val’s and got some shakes and onion rings. On a rainy day. Then I came back home and ran into the shower as fast as i could.

Finally, Vinesh and Doug were asking what I would like for my birthday present. I told them, I didn’t really care. But they wanted a real answer, so I told them, I would like a stuff animal. or they could get me a swing dance dvd, so i can teach myself more swing dance.

I wish I could put up pictures of me running away from the dinosaurs we found at an Antique store we passed by on our trip to Half Moon BAy

Also, Doug stiff arms me in the sternum when i try to tackle him. So I was only able to tackle him 1 out of 5 times. But i could slow him down on 3 out of 4 times. So all i need to do now is learn a technique to avoid a stiff arm. Once i learn that, I will be like a magnet and my arms will automatically be around their legs.

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