Thinking about the day

I think a lot, so as I was cleaning up the car many things came to my mind. My first thing that I was thinking about was what other people remembered me by. I remembered talking to Franklin at Footprints yesterday, he is in 8th grade. So I never really hung out with him, because he was never my age, but he grew up in the church. So I had seen him around as a little kid growing up, and he was talking to me saying “I remember when you showed me this and how to do that.”

He was saying some nice stuff, but I didn’t remember doing any of those things. It was making me think, I wish I had kept a better diary during my middle school/high school years. So I decided to go and look for my diaries that are somewhere in my room. If you want to know what my diaries look like (I don’t have those girlie ones, except for my little teddie bear one that I had when I was 5 years old). Then look just like regular 1 subject notebooks, and I write my name on the cover. So if anyone comes to my place while I’m in Slo or my house, you can read my dairy if you find it. Usually next to my bed. .. . Let me look for one ….

….. (11 years old 2/8/96) … We got ten points so we could get trading football cards. I was happy when we got the cards. I got Steve Young, Dana Squffon, and somebody (I don’t know his name).

haha, I looked at some of the pages and I couldn’t help but laugh, because I wrote a lot of the little things like what I ate for breakfast. It was like reading the minutes of the day.

I didn’t really have anything to do so I watched whatever dvd was next to the dvd player. So I watched “The sisterhood of the traveling pants”, and it made me drop some tears. Now, I will never talk about that movie again, because I might end up liking chick flicks at this rate. One might wonder what my other choices were, the other dvd next to the dvd player was “Shall we dance”. And I thougth “Sisterhood of the traveling pants” would be very happy, but it was like an emotional rollercoaster ride.

Does anyone else eat breakfast all day long? I find myself eating cereal for breakfast, after lunch meal, after dinner meal, before sleep meal. I get the munchies all day long.

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