he’s back

Not me, but Vinesh came back from India today so I hung out with him after work. Acutally I called him at 7pm, and he was telling me, how he thought he didn’t have jet lag because he thought it was 6:30 in the morning. Then we went and ate reese’s pieces cookies. What store I don’t really like to shop at is the Safeway. For some reason, there is never enough clerks there becuase at 9:00pm there was only 2 open lines and I think there were 20 people in line. It would have taken such a long time, so we drove across the street to but stuff from Albertsons.

At work today I was making up stuff that could be done with sludge. Its also known as biosolids, because it makes sewer sludge remains sound good. The problem with it is that it has trace amounts of metal, so eventually it will build up if it is used as top soil, which might cause health problems. I’m thinking of a way to try to make a market with it, Nothing has come up yet that Ed hasn’t done. He had tried to market it as Oro Loma Gold, which literally means Gold Hill Gold.

Okay, time to sleep because I can’t wake up in the morning if I sleep late. I don’t drink coffee, only orange juice. Now I want to watch the movie Crank, because Edris described it as a move you would want to watch once because its like a 13 year old’s fantasy if they made an action movie.

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