frisbee golf

So I played 18 holes of frisbee golf today. I went with Chris and his design lab partner. It was really fun, but I was not wearing socks so I kept on throwing my frisbee into the weeds. And I had to jump around in the tall grass and stuff kept on poking me.

Each hole was long, i think most of them were 250-300 feet away. So Chris was trying to show me how he threw his very far. Because he throws it with a forearm throw (not backhanded). And that frisbee goes. Then I started to throw it, and at the beginning it did not have as much power. But eventually, I was able to start chucking it down. I ended up having a leg whip at the end to transfer more power into my throw. I think it helped me in two ways, it gave me more balance, and allowed me to put more into my throw (straight).

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