Well, after a week of sitting in my place and trying to make my electronics work. I think I have my plc mostly done and ready to work. It took a while because when I first read the program, I didn’t really understand how the program worked. So the first thing I didn’t know was that I had to hold onto the on button until the motor finished its whole entire move. The second thing was that the motor would only run one time. Since I didn’t know that, my motor would move 5 times usually at different speeds and then stopped. (I would only hold on for a second onto the button). Then it wouldn’t work. This made me mad.

   It took me 2 days to figure out how to fix it, because there really weren’t that many instructions online to help me.

   Next thing, since I’m free more of the time I’ve been trying to get back into really good shape. So I’m starting back on a light workout routine. I was on askmen website and they had a workout routine to get the same body as spiderman, but it looked too intensive. so i went with a lighter one i saw.

   Since I got bored at night and don’t have anything to do. I go online and learn random stuff. I haven’t had time to perfect my illusion strings i got, but I’ll do that later. But for tonight, I decided that it would be poppin and gliding night. So I tried gliding barefoot on my carpet, and i creates a lot of friction on my feet =). I’m just too lazy to try to do it elsewhere, but I’m assuming if i can glide on carpet, I will be smooth on a frictionless surface. Then add in some poppin and I have a full dance routine.

  Maybe tomorrow, if my feet feels better (from playing all that basketball and not letting my arch pain fully heal). I will be able to practice some parkour. I’m trying to do hte triple kong.

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