Sunday’s Day of Rest and God

I guess I never actually talk about church, or what I do at church. So here is really all you need to know about what I do in service. =P. if you see on the chruch bulletin, it says “the crossing” which is the name of my chruch’s service. Heres a link to my chruch site. What is really funny is that I actually have to upkeep the website. When I say upkeep, i really mean I just need to make sure that the site runs, because I was told that they would be making a new website one day ( its been a year… :] )


That was my stash today at service. Everyone sitting next to me, especially Daniel (who loves it when I have candy) were getting some bites of the gummy bears. The 5 people in my row, and 2 of the people behind me. 🙂


Then I was kind of sad today after chruch, I was talking to Pastor Josh and he was giving me some very clear advice on a certain thing that I was doing, and said he made the same mistake before. His wife also came up and told me that she did the same thing too, so they told me what I should do, so I sat around next to the playground thinking about it for a while. The 4th grade girls that I taught, were like to follow me around were trying to figure out why I looked so gloomy.

So I took the gloomyness with me to the courts and play some basketball with the guys. I guess that was why I wasn’t as energized at the beginning, because I was preoccupied. Everything I was doing today on the court was slightly off.

However, my mood turned happy by the end of basketball because today was Calvin’s birthday !!! He turns 24.


From left to right, Chengjo, Calvin and Daniel (the one that eats my gummy bears with me), what was really funny was that we were actually much more squished in there when I was sitting next to them. I only had one buttcheek on that bench, and we were very tightly packed in.


Then we went rampaging on the sushi buffet. This was my plate, if you looked to the right, Daniel’s plate had at least 5 more sushi pieces on it than me.


The night ended when I tried to get everyone to sing happy birthday to him. It was really funny because of the 12 of us, only 6 were really singing, and even a guy walking by sang a long and sounded much louder than the rest of us. =). Good thing I have video of Calvin Dancing doing a squirrel dance (just hands at chest rotating back and forth) after the birthday song. =)

Time to get ready for bed.

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