This week of work was interesting.

I think friday was the worse possible workday I could ever get in the whole entire world. 🙂

There were 3 projects that I had to feast on that day. And one was the 49ers stadium. I was the CAD converter for my team. Somehow, only my computer has AutoCAD on it, as all my other co-workers use VISIO. (I have visio also, so I am the hybrid.

Here is what it kind of looks like. riser

It just shows how all the equipment are going to be connected. The hard part was that I had to fixe up a converted file which was 90% done, but I would have to look around and see what was messed up and fixed that.

My friend who asked for my help, had a miscommunications, and it was told to me that the riser needed to be done by End of Day Friday. However, I finished it on thursday night because I wouldn’t be there. I finished up around 8pm.

This put me behind on my other project that was due End of Day Friday, so I had to work after Transparent Fellowship, until 1am. Then wake up at 4am, and continue working on the project.

At 7:30am, I get a call from my manager going “ASDFAD, where is the riser drawings. They need it Now!” Then he tells me that the drawings were done wrong too! So I had to go into the office to fix it. 🙁 Which made me delayed from going to field job site. 🙁


I worked in some office building that will be for VC’s. So everything looked really architecturally cool.

I eventually got everything done by 7pm, and spent another hour on sunday morning fixing up hte rest of my project, just in time for church.


This picture here, some guy from chruch called me up on friday (2 weeks ago) asking me if he could come over for a BBQ. I forgot all about it, but just for him and his dad, I had a BBQ. Then I spent until 4am finishing this 1000 piece puzzle. It is currently hanging in my restroom.


That was our softball team gift from our faithful fans. 🙂 It is hanging on my mantle.


That should be enough to please the pallets. I guess you might also want to know that I still am dating the girl. We went to Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk last saturday.


Wearing glasses makes you squint less. 😛

Finally, here was my random act of love today that was really awesome. I keep on trying to prove my pessimistic coworker that “no good deed goes unpunished” isn’t always bad.

Woke up early today for church. Actually, woke up early to drive my aunt and uncle to the Oakland Airport. It is always fun talking to my auntie, she is like my 2nd mother. Well she taught me a lot of awesome stuff growing up too. 🙂 (The uncle, he will have to earn his way in, because i’ve really only known him for 2 years casually.)

Went into the office, and when I was leaving for church, I decided to get breakfast from taco bell. (I have these BOGO offers). So I got a sausage/egg burrito. I eat one, and have another one with me when I am sitting at church. There, I decide to see who I want to give it to. However, today at church we didn’t shake hands with people, so I couldn’t give my burrito away. So after service, I decide to give it to Calvin, because I think he might be hungry. Walk over, see that he is busy, so just hang it on his water bottle, and go to teach Children Sunday School.

I come back during lunch and talk to him, and Calvin went “was that you who gave me a burrito? It has to be. When I saw it, I just had to eat it because I was starting” Then he went “Man, I was feeling lethargic and weak, and it was an awesome pick me up thanks!”

Is that what he said, mostly. I might have messed up some of the words. But I just liked how he ate the burrito, because he thought it had to be from me.

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