I think i have really tense shoulders. So i’ve tried doing all sorts of stretches. And I think the stretch that helps my shoulder is the one where i raise my arms above my head and back. REally nice. It makes everything feel less tense. But i think i pulled a muscle under my deltoids because when i stretch it hurts there. Maybe it will just go away.

Trying to do that galloping noise on a guitar. Getting there.

Smallball rules


the i sing bad song

haha i made the lyrics for this song in the middle of the night, well, i was actually making the lyrics as i was singing a long so i started mumbling at the end. So i’m not really talking at teh end. If i only knew more words for the song.

Need to restretch my vocals. Need to hit one octave.

I sing bad Haha, that’s the title. Maybe i could add some drums.


quick blog

So i work in the cafeteria today. So i’m walking to work in jeans and a white t-shirt. As i’m walking down, this girl stares at me, and gives me this weird look. I look back and think to myself, She’s weird, or she thinks i’m a cute guy.
Then i look down at my shirt, and i see a bumblebee. It had jumped onto my shirt and was just sitting on it not moving. INteresting… i thought. Then i patted my shirt and the bee ran away. Then I tried to think, what in the world did i do to get a bee to land on my shirt. Weird. I must smell flowerly or there must be something sweet about me. The worst part about it was that i didn’t even walk past any flowers and this bee hitchhiked onto me. =)

Then I came back from lighthouse with 15 hamburger patties becuase i thought people in my smallgroup would want it. But none of them wanted to eat it. So that means i’m going to be having meat for a while. =0).

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