Hmm, i think i got the right teachers. They grade me on concept more then answer. On my quiz i used the wrong numbers, but the right equation, and i got 10/10 for the quiz. Wow, I was so amazed. I think i like my statics teacher. I even set up some of the numbers in my equation wrong.

Anyways today in the morning when i overslept through my alarm clock. I woke up at 6:45. I don’t know why, but sometimes i just roll over with not knowing and push the sleep button on my clock. It’s like my brain won’t wake up if it doesn’t have a minimum. So while i was sleeping i was dreaming. In the my dream, I was at my grandma’s house, and i was eating dinner. Then i was talking to her, and we were talking about how we needed to make a window blind longer. So i was looking at my watch, then all of sudden. I start thinking, Did i oversleep for class? Out of nowhere, so i somehow snap out of my dream in that second and look at the clock and run around and out of my room by 7:00. The worst feeling is when you jump and run out of your room, because time feels so distorted to you. Especially with a 7:10am class. I’m walking to class thinking, and i going to be late, but i walk in 2 minutes late. Not too bad.

I can’t figure out the crossword. What is Amusing Amsterdam?
This is going to take a while. MOre napping needed, becuase i was feeling it in statics class. My brain was not churning and I had to think a while to get my numbers working. =)


procrastination sucks

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