Star Wars Opening Night


Nuff Said ….

Nevermind i will talk a little more about it. I was talking to doug a couple days ago and he mentioned we should double date. He also said he was watching star wars at Castro Valley Theater.


So i bought tickets the day before, and went to watch star wars. Did i like it? Yup i did, the spaceships were so cool looking, especially since i read they made full size versions of some of the ships.

I had a couple favorite moments:
1) Crowd cheers when they see their favorite characters
2) The X-Wings look amazing, i want an x-wing drone if i could make one.
3) Sherri saw part of the movie with her eyes close. Imagine all the star wars fans that could not watch it opening night, and she slept through it.
4) i like the bb-8 droid , makes me want to make one.

It was a fun night, and i had a lot of fun with Doug and emily.


Also i got the google star wars cardboard.

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