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So one of the things i decided to do before christmas and with my holiday was to clean my garage. I wanted to throw away some of the stuff, and reorganize the garage so i could use it better. Mostly so i could fit my gym in and reach items.


So i have never done drywall before. Well 2nd time i tried to drywall. The first time i drywalled was when i moved into the house and i saw i had 2 sheets. So i just threw the drywall on the wall incorrectly.

How did i do it incorrectly? I used the wrong sized nails (you are suppose to use drywall screws) and i didnt line them up to end on studs.
So because i had used a lot of undersized nails, it took me almost 2 hours to take off the drywall and take out all 100 nails. At the beginning i was trying to take off the drywall cleanly, but with nails i could not pull them out. So i just punched the wall really hard with a hammer to break through and just rip the pieces out.


You can see some pieces that i ripped from wall. I then ended up going to home depot to buy 4 sheets(doing only half the garage). We were driving a small Ford Transit TL so chosen and i had to cut the drywall in half. It is really easy to do, measure out line, then cut the line with a box cutter (maybe 1/2deep at least). Then lift the drywall up and bend it back at the cut. The board should bend in half like picture above, and you cut the other side.
Chosen helped me a lot, at least doing 4 panels.


He is not as mechanically skilled so he is much slower. I was driving those screws in, he was doing it at half my speed. One day when he has his own house will he remember everything i taught him.


Once i got all the drywall in. I installed a gladiator wall organizer. You can see i have a ball bag that allows me to grab all my balls faster. Then there is two racks that i can hang stuff on. My gardening tools are on the left side.

So nice now to use my garage, got rid of some broken things, and i think it only cost me 20 hours and $300 dollars.

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