LA Adventure Day Trip

So we did our daytrip to LA, leave 11pm on friday night and get back home at 3am on sunday morning.

We get to monterey park really early, so we all just sleep in the car, I am in the back, so I lay across the whole back. While the other two guys are in the drivers and passengers seat sleeping. It is so much warmer sleeping in a car with 2 other guys than alone. The car was not as cold as I remember it being when I use to sleep in my car at school.

We fogged up all the windows, so at 8am, we were the only car with foggy windows. Smile 

To start off the day, we go to this taiwanese restaurant “Huge Tree” for breakfast. Chosen points out that only in LA do we see hot girls in the morning just eating breakfast.


We get some dumplings, turnips, chinese donuts and some noodles. It was really good.

Then we go to Chosen’s friends house, where we are allowed to washup and prepare for our big day. The worse thing that happened at the house was that our friend who was allergic to cats, laid down on a bed full of cat fur. All the time, I was sitting on the floor watching “monster’s university”.


Then after that we went to visit the church that Chosen grew up in. Really nice seeing all the church mom’s.

Then we dropped our friend off at G-Burger so he could chat with the lady. While Chosen and I went to the Brea shopping mall to just walk around and waste time. Chosen ended up buying a pair of sunglasses from the sunglasses hut. The most weird thing was how the mall had two sunglasses hut stores. The bigger one was upstairs and had one worker. while the smaller one was downstairs and had 3 workers. From the looks of the stores, they were exactly the same except the international one had one extra brand of sunglasses. 

I love smiling at random people when I am walking through the mall. I made eye contact with this older lady, she smiled right back as I went to the restroom. Then as Chosen and I were leaving, I was looking over my shoulder to see what was happening in a store. There was a 20 something lady behind me, and I made eye contact with her and smiled. When she walked around me to go in the other direction, we looked at each other again as she walked away. IMAG1923

I saw that interesting fork, and it made me wonder if it works.

We go and pick up our friend, he tells us that the lady friend has to leave at 3:30pm. So we get to panera bread at around 3:30. Upon walking towards the restaurant, we see him talking to the girl near the window. So we decide to sit behind a pillar near a firepit so they can’t see us. During this time I am showing Chosen a card flourish. While he is doing this, he looks up and sees the girl leaving, so he says “other there” so I glance in that direction. There we are, two guys. One guy with cards in his hand all fan out and fancy looking, and me looking. I make eye contact with the girl, and I think she recognizes us. However, she doesn’t really seem to acknowledge us and continues to walk away.


We ate a lot!!!


For dinner, I hang out with my sister and we eat at Mama Lu’s. They have an amazing beef roll, so much better than the beef roll we had for breakfast.

IMAG1927 IMAG1928

Chosen also decides to try to help my sister get a date. So he comes up with a picture and name of a guy. I have no idea what to think about that guy, except that if he hurts her, I will hurt him.  So I hope Chosen makes a good choice because he will end up with some injured friends.

On the way back home, I watched riddick and slept. I ended up driving for around 2.5 hours. Then we get to our house around 3am. Slide into our beds and just pass out.

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