Softball Practice/Perspectives/ and Random People

Softball practice was awesome today. It was the first practice of the season, and the nice thing was that I was not the manager this year. I think I just have too much of a bad taste from last year, so I have Dennis leading practice, and ET being manager.

ET’s thing for this year is “no moping”, if you mess up, you don’t get angry and mop around. Except continue to go after the ball and make sure you get it back into the pitcher because the play is still alive.

My hitting was actually really good today. I made good contact on all pitches, and was able to square up most pitches. I could control my hit, and also I was able to hit my bat at the sweet spot more consistently.

The defense seemed to be pretty good this practice, not too many drops, only thing that really needs to be practiced on is calling for balls in the outfield, and positioning for catching the ball. I think those are the hardest things to teach people, learning to call out that you have the ball. Or else everyone will just run into each other. 

Then the other one is knowing how to set your feet up to make a catch. For some of the people on our team, if the ball is approaching and is going over their head, they start to backpedal fast, however it is too late by then. As they are trying to reach up the ball is maybe a foot over their head and they tumble over.  This is because they stand with their feet spread apart instead of each one in front of the other. So they have no way of moving backwards fast enough to catch a ball.

I didn’t want to go to perspectives smelly, so I ended up washing myself with soap and a water bottle after practice. I think the only people that might have seen me would have been people on the train that stopped while I was hiding behind my passenger door trying to wash myself.

Then I went to perspectives for the last hour, and then went up to el cerritos to celebrate Sherri’s BFF’s birthday. So many people, Then I come back home to my house, my housemate is not home, but my friends are in my house.


They were here playing Race for the Galaxy and watching friends. Smile Then I go to sleep.

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